"The feeling in the air was electric, as if some great force had been let loose” - eyewitness account of Nov. 9, 1989 in Berlin, BBC News



In 1989 the Berlin Wall was breached after nearly three decades of keeping East and West Berliners apart.


Inspired by the 20 year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall and Berlin’s Festival of Freedom, Out of Balanz’s Freefall cabaret featured performances and instillations by Copenhagen based Danish and international actors, circus artists, mimes, musicians, dancers, poets, writers and visual artists. This epic evening celebrated the smashing of walls and creativity with the coming together of artists - across genres - and an international community for an evening of poignant, playful and thought-provoking performances.  


This raucous, anything-goes extravaganza featured a brain-bending variety of acts which degenerated into an all-out party with local DJs spinning tunes from the past 20 years. 


Concept and staging: Katrina Bugaj (US/DK), Troels Hagen Findsen (DK)

Performers: Stuart Lynch (DK), Harald Voetmann (DK), Lars Lundin (SE), Ulrik Stets Hilden (DK), Glenn Ziqver Xavier (SE), Kristian Husted (DK), Michiel van Leeuwen (NL), The Tin Can Company (DK), Katrine Christensen (DK) Artboydancing (US), Bodega Boys (DK), Signe Anderskov (DK), T.I.S. (DK), Miss Fish (DK), Out of Balanz (DK/USA)

Technical Director: Mikkel Belgsting (DK)


Created in collaboration with Warehouse 9 and Jørgen Callesen (DK)

Stage & Exhibition Manager: Christian Van Schijndel (DK)