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Going Nowhere 2023

A circus tragicomedy about nomophobia 

In the age of acceleration, nothing can be more exciting than walking slowly, and in a time of distraction, nothing is as luxurious as paying attention, and in a time of constant movement, nothing is as urgent as sitting still.

GOING NOWHERE is an original, comic circus performance about the age of acceleration and the collapse of attention.

In GOING NOWHERE body percussion, object manipulation and acrobatic dance meet the absurd, the funny and the grotesque through an individual's struggle to put down his mobile phone and regain calm, focus and depth in his life.

GOING NOWHERE has received generous support from Statens Kunstfond and Odense Kommune, and was produced in collaboration with DYNAMO Workspace for Circus and Performing Arts in Odense and AFUKScene in Copenhagen.


A tragicomedy about extinction

Director/Co-creator: Troels Hagen Findsen (DK)

Performer/Co-Creator: Villads Bugge Bang (DK)

Concept/co-creators: Villads Bugge Bang, Troels Hagen Findsen, Katrina Bugaj (US/DK)

Co-writers: Troels Hagen Findsen, Katrina Bugaj

Dramaturgy/Project Consultant: Katrina Bugaj

Composer/Sound Design: Mika Forsling (SE)

Sound technician: Palle Nothlev

Set Design: Mads Find (DK)

Costumes: Camilla Lind (DK)


Lights: Kenneth Danielsen (DK)

Photo: Cosmin (DK)

Co-Producers: Dynamo Workspace and AFUK Scene

"a constantly entertaining and thought-provoking little circus gem, stylistically reminiscent of Chaplin and Keaton.


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