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Hormondagbogen (The Hormone Diary) is a cross-genre performance that blends music, opera, sound, poetry, visual design and movement, and centers on female aging, time and coming to terms with menopause.


The work is a calmly anxious and hopeful performance - playful, open, meditative and fragmented in its textures and experiments with sound and scenic form. An intimate poetic performance concert-installation, sound forms the muscles of the work itself: it’s the structure, form and drives an abstract aesthetic with a dramaturgy of sound.


Inspired by the work of 10 female composers and Ursual Andkjær Olsen’s poetry collection Mit Smykkeskrin (nominated for the Nordisk Råds Litteraturpris 2021) this hybrid performance sutures together a new sensory concert performance-installation experience that reflects on the internal and physical processes that constitute a shifting female identity: What it means to have a body, especially an aging body, especially an aging female body.  

Hormondagbogen has received generous support from Statens Kunstfond, Soloistforeningen 1921, Koda Musikdrammatik and Det Kongelige Teater. The piece was created with support from the Danish Arts Foundation's interdisciplinary fund which promote cross-artistic projects at the crossroads between music and performing arts and values experimentation, risk taking and nourishing new music performance work that surprises audiences and confounds their expectations through content, form, and relevance. 


A tragicomedy about extinction

Composers: Mette Nielsen (DK), Li-Ying Wu (DK), Pernille Louise Sejlund (D), Maguerite Monnot (FR), Hildegard af Bingen (DE), Karen Jønsson (DK), F. Welch & I. Summers (UK), Lili Boulanger (FR) og Barbara Strozzi (IT) 

Musicians/performers: Jesper Egelund (DK), Frans Hansen (DK), Anna Klett (FO/DK), Julie Meera Albertsen (DK), Troels Hagen Findsen (DK)

Text/Libretto: Figura & Out of Balanz from Ursual Andkjær Olsen's (DK) Mit Smykkeskrin

Set & Costume Design: Filippa Berglund (SE)

Light Design: Jari Matsi (EE)

Direction: Katrina Bugaj (US/DK)

Voice Over: Petrine Agger (DK)

Production and technical assistance: Lara Jung (DE), Alex Lehman (US), Viktor Holm Lauridsen (DK)

Concept: Figura & Out of Balanz

Photos: Ditte Valente (DK)

"playful poetry... Invention is the clear strength of the Hormone Diary."

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