Hormondagbogen (The Hormone Diaries) is a cross-genre performance that blends music, poetry, visual design and movement, and centers on female aging and menopause. It is a calmly anxious and hopeful performance, playful, confident, and exploratory in its textures and experiments with sound and scenic form. An intimate opera and sensory concert, sound forms the muscles of the work itself: it’s the structure, form and drives the aesthetic - a dramaturgy of sound.


Inspired by the work of 12 female composers and Ursual Andkjær Olsen’s poetry collection Mit Smykkeskrin (nominated for the Nordisk Råds Litteraturpris 2021) this hybrid performance sutures together a new sensory concert performance experience that reflects the internal and physical processes that constitute a shifting female identity: What it means to have a body, especially an aging body, especially an aging female body?  

Hormondagbogen has received generous support from Statens Kunstfond and Det Kongelige Teater.


A tragicomedy about extinction

Composers: Mette Nielsen (DK), Monnot (FR), Piaf (FR), Hildegard (DE), Li-Ying Wu (DK), Figurina (DK), K. Jønsson (DK), F. Welch & I. Summers (UK), Pernille Louise Sejlund (DK), Boulanger FR), Strozzi (IT)

Musicians/performers: Jesper Egelund (DK), Frans Hansen (DK), Anna Klett (DK), Julie Meera Albertsen (DK), Troels Hagen Findsen (DK)

Text: Ursual Andkjær Olsen (DK)

Design: Filippa Berglund (SE)

Direction: Katrina Buga (US/DK)j

Voice Over: Petrine Agger (DK)

Concept: Figura & Out of Balanz