- CAP Magellan (Tours)

"Dynamique et joyeuse...un voyage autobiographique et poétique".




A grandmother dies. A granddaughter has many questions.


So, the granddaughter turns to other grandmothers, other grandfathers... and thus begins a pilgrimage where she discovers another culture, another history, other ways of being and another country: Portugal. A country that, with each step along her journey, becomes her own. A country so geographically close to where she has always lived, yet so very different – so very foreign – from the one she calls home.


La Petite Fille de L'Immigree deals with the unpacking of inherited silences and the impact of immigration. The work explores this phenomenon in two ways: a display of visual art made-up primarily of authentic family artifacts and a theatrical creation that tells the story of this unique journey.


Inspired by a true story and the many people who shared their stories, photographs, songs and laughter with us during the yearlong story collecting and research process.



Concept: Elsa Periera (FR/POR)

Story: Elsa Periera, Françoise Sliwka (FR), Katrina Bugaj (USA/DK)

Text: Elsa Periera, Françoise Sliwka

Direction: Katrina Bugaj, Audrey Lamarque (FR)

Sound and Projection Design: Romain Quartier (FR)

Light Design: Marc Léclaircie (FR)

Costume Design: Émilie Paillard (FR)

Set Design: Katrina Bugaj, Elsa Periera, Émilie Paillard

Performers: Elsa Pereira, Françoise Sliwka, Éric Nesci (FR), Jean Pierre Santos (FR)

Performance photographer: Fr. Berthon (FR)

Installation photographer: Elsa Pereira

Performed in French and Portuguese. 


Created in collaboration with Ici et La in France. La Petite Fille de l'Immigrée premiered in 2010 in France at L’Espace Malraux in Joué-Lés-Tours and in Portugal at Teatro Cine A. Lamoso in Santa Maria da Fiera. The Exposition tours with the production.La Petite Fille de l'Immigrée received generous support from; (in Paris) Cité Nationale de l’Histoire de l’Immigration, CE Renault I-DVU, Lycée Racine, Lusojornal; (in Joué-Lés-Tours) Joué-Lés-Tours Mairie, Espace Malraux, Centre Social Le Morier, Centre Social de La Rabiére, Centre Social de la Vallée Voilette, Radio Antena Portugesa; (in Santa Maria da Feira) GACE, Teatro Cine A. Lamoso; (in Lisbonne) la Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian, Institut franco-portugais, Ambassade de France in Lisbonne, Union Latine; (in Porto) Consulat Général de France; (in Paredes de Coura) Comédias do Minho, Archives Municipales, Noticias de Coura.

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