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Out of Balanz's work is the result of (often long-term) collaborations with an ever evolving ensemble of international artists and associates. The company is based in Copenhagen and led by two joint artistic directors. 


Co-Founders and Joint Artistic Directors

Katrina Bugaj (US/DK)

Troels Hagen Findsen (DK)















Katrina Bugaj is an American director, performer/creator, writer and researcher-practitioner. Under her direction, Out of Balanz was named one of the 13 most innovative physical theatre companies, alongside such companies as The SITI Company and DV8, in Katrina is an alumni member of the prestigious Lincoln Center Director's Lab in New York City and her work has been performed in over 15 countries throughout Europe, North America and Asia, including The John Houseman Theatre off-Broadway and The Barbican in London.


Katrina is a graduate of Grinnell College (BA), Copenhagen University (MA), The Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School (MFA eq.), The Danish National School of Performing Arts - Odsherred (2 year Auteur Uddannelsen), NYU Playwrights Horizons Directing Intensive and The National Theatre Institute at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center. She has also trained with Anne Bogart and the SITI Company, members of Complicite and The Royal Shakespeare Company. Katrina is a former member of the artistic board of the Forsøgsstation in Copenhagen and she is a member of the Nordic Network of Post-Migrant Performing Arts and The Network of Nordic Artists with a Multicultural Background.  



Troels Hagen Findsen is a Danish actor, performer/creator, writer, director and musician. He’s created and performed in a number of works in Denmark and abroad; ranging from the intimate, semi-autobiographical Ivan Hansen trilogy to the high-octane, two-man adaptation of Macbeth. Troels is an associate artist of the critically acclaimed Out of Chaos (formerly Temple Theatre) in London and he has worked with such artists and companies as; BBC Radio 4 Drama, Kitt Johnson’s X-Act, Rapid Eye, Erik Pold (Teater Momentum Ensemble Vol. 8) and The Figura Ensemble.


Troels is a graduate of The Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School in Paris and has trained with members of The SITI Company and Complicité. He is on the artistic board of Forsøgsstation and the faculty of The Academy of Modern Circus (AMOC). In 2012 Troels received a research and work grant for his research in autofictive storytelling and performance from The Danish Art Foundation's Statens Kunstfonds Film- og Scenekunstudvalg.

Current and Previous Collaborators

Marc Gassot (FIN/FR) 

Ivan Hansen (DK) 

Pekka Räikkönen (FIN) 

M.L. Dogg (US) 

Teemu Nurmelin (FIN) 

Noora Salmi (FIN)​ 

Alex Brenner (UK) 

Nick Jesper (UK) 

Ravi Jain (CAN)

Nicolas Billon (CAN) 

Gina Scherr (US) 

Kelsey Hart (CAN) 

Jamie Nesbitt (CAN) 

Petrine Agger (DK) 

Anne Nyboe Kristensen (DK) 

Anne Gry Henningsen (DK) 

Rasmus Malling Lykke Skov (DK) 

Conni Humeniuk (DK) 

Martin Ammundsen (DK) 

Adam Paolozza (CAN) 

Beth Wood (US) 

Bradley W. Smith (US) 

Ulrik Stets Hilden (DK) 

Jakob Bentsen (DK)

Esther Wrobel (IL)

Sunniva Byvard (DK)

Flora Brandt (DK)

Pernille Louise Sejlund (DK)

Mette Nielsen (DK)

Li-Ying Wu (DK)

Lara Jung (DE)

Camilla Bang (DK)

Katharine Yates (UK)

Lacey Creighton (CAN)

Matt Feerick (UK)

Nick Cowell (UK)  

Petra Casale (IT) 

Renee Schilling (AUS)

Rob Castell (UK) 

Zoë Lister (UK)

Audrey Lamarque (FR)

Romain Quartier (FR)

Marc Léclaircie (FR)  

Émilie Paillard (FR)

Elsa Pereira (FR/POR) 

Françoise Sliwka (FR) 

Éric Nesci (FR)

Jean Pierre Santos (FR/POR) 

Natalie Handel (US)

 Jayne Tuttle (AUS)

Faye Hargate (US) 

Micaela Miranda (POR)

Fabio Montes (BRA)  

Michel Courret (FR)

Ingrid Liavaag (NOR)

Jan Vesala (SE)

Rumpistol (DK)

Sean Smyth (IR)

Allan Frausing (DK)

Jesper Egelund (DK)

Julie MeeRa Albertsen (DK)

Jari Matsi (ES)

Alex Lehman (US)

Vilma Vanilla (FIN)

Carly Garinger (US) 

Cassie Neumann (FR) 

Chris Seibert (US)

Christine Ryndak (US)

Coleen Shirin MacPherson (CAN)

Dionne Atchison (US)

Elizabeth Green (US)

Will O’Hare (US)

Sean Donovan (US)

Rory Sheridan (US)

Kathryn Merry (US/CAN)

Aron De Casemaker(CAN)

Liz Pounsett (CAN) 

Philip Graeme(CAN/UK)

Matthew Bulgo (UK) 

Emily Wachter (US)

Filipa Tomas (POR)

Frode Gjerløw (NOR)

George Ramsay (US)

India Banks (UK)

Elke Laleman (BEL)

Paul O'Mahony (UK/IR)

Rebecca Seward (SE)

Jeon Ho Hyeon (SK)

Ju Yeun Ryu (SK)

Kinam Seeyeon Koo (SK)

Kyoung Jin So (SK)

Anna Klett (FO/DK)

Frans Hansen (DK)

Filippa Berglund (SE)

Viktor Holm Lauridsen (DK)

Board of Directors

Gry Lambertsen (DK)

Anna Klett (DK)

Anne Mette Nørskov (DK)

Gry Lambertsen is co-founder and Artistic Director of Dynamo Workspace for Circus and Performing Arts in Odense. She is also a circus artist and co-founder of TinCan Company.


Anna Klett is an award-winning clarinettist, freelance musician, and performer educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. She has worked throughout Denmark and abroad and is a member of FIGURA Ensemble, Athelas and the duo klettWOOD. 

Anne Mette Nørskov has a master's degree in Performance Design and Danish from Roskilde University and has several years of experience as a project coordinator in both the cultural and educational sectors. She has an interdisciplinary foundation with a special focus on the development, dissemination and coordination of cultural projects and educational content. She works as the Daily leader of Foreningen Ørkenfortet and as the coordinator for Dansk Samtidscirkus

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