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May 2022


Last week at
Teater Får302

Sold out shows and rave reviews:

“Ser man teater nok, kan man være heldig i ny og næ at støde på et ægte sært og originalt stykke af slagsen. Sådan et er `Hr. X´” - Politiken 

Read here:


Frederiksborg Amts Avis

CPH Culture

Michael Svennevig



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April 2022



Før Vi Forsvinder Aarhus premiere this April. Tickets here.



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March 2022



Hormondagbogen (The Hormone Diaries) opens at The Royal Theatre Opera House. Tickets here.

This performance, which is more of an opera performance concert- installation than a show, does not ask its audiences to find meaning in the words, but rather to bask in the atmosphere and feeling of female coming of middle-age  that the words, sounds and images create.  

An introspective journey, this experience is what you make of it. 


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February 2022


Menopause and Music 

Hormondagbogen (The Hormone Diaries) is a cross-genre performance that blends music, sound, poetry, visual design and movement, and centers on female aging and menopause.

It premieres in one month at The Royal Theatre Opera House. Tickets here.


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January 2022


We're Back!

We're so happy the theatres are open again. There are so many inspiring, thought provoking and entertaining performances that have just opened by some very talented colleagues all around the country.

And we spent the morning meeting with the venue for Hormondagbogen, which we're looking forward to premiering in March. Can't wait to load into Takkelloftet next month! 


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January 2022


Happy 2022

2021, you have been strange, filled with highs and lows. Thank you to our audiences and collaborators for being part of it, for sharing some magic in-spite of everything. 

Our highlights of the year were sharing Før Vi Forsvinder with you, attending Teaterseminaret IRL and experimenting, developing and creating new work with new collaborators from Denmark, The Faroe Islands, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and the US that will be premiering in 2022.


We really look forward to 2022, we have so many exciting things in the pipeline, we will have opportunities for audiences to enjoy and multiple opportunities for artist to develop their practice and create. 

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and happy, stay tuned for what’s to come.

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December 2021

Skærmbillede 2021-10-29 kl. 17.15.43.jpg

R&D continues

Back in the room for some text development for Hr. X. Thinking about workload and manpower availability as stressors among healthcare workers.


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November 2021


Pitch Time

In less than an hour we'll pitch for the first time at DT Teaterseminar. Thanks to the Danish Arts Foundation and The Development Platform for the Performing Arts for the support. 


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November 2021


2021 DAY 1

We have arrived at Danmarks Teaterforeninger's Teaterseminar 2021 with Før Vi Forsvinder and a catalogue of diverse work from spanning modern dance, city walks, performance installations, underwater concerts, physical comedy, new Danish writing and so much more.  


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November 2021

Skærmbillede 2021-11-18 kl. 21.16.31.png


Danmarks Teaterforeninger's Teaterseminar 2021 starts tomorrow.


Looking forward to promoting Før Vi Forsvinder and standing together to promote independent performing arts in Denmark with Udviklingsplatformen and these artists from the independent scene: Det Olske Orkester, Kassandra Productions, Between Music, Ruby Gamache, Akut 360, Blue Cliff, Next Zone, Gronhøj's Dans, and Daily Fiction.


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November 2021

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Hr X under development

Experiments with performer/deviser Troels Hagen Findsen, composer Bebe Riesenfors, writer Harald Voetmann, director Katrina Bugaj, and consultant Jakob Bentsen at Folketeater during tid I rum are continuing to develop. 


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October 2021


Tid i Folketeater

Fruitful week at Folketeater/Tid I Rum. This development time in space has contributed significantly to our being able to maintain our artistic vision and process — which includes our collectivist leanings, collaborative organizational structures, and the use of devising processes inspired by the teachings of Jacques Lecoq, Philippe Gaulier, and Monika Pagneux. 


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October 2021


Teaterseminar 2021 with UP

Out of Balanz was selected by Statens Kunstfond to participate in Udviklingsplatformen for Scenekunst new initiative at Teaterseminaret in November 2021. 

We will attend a pitch workshop as well as Teaterseminar with a group of 10 select artists/companies from the independent performing arts scene in Denmark.


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september 2021


Før Vi Forsvinder GO

Før Vi Forsvinder was selected to be a part of Garantiordningen for seasons 21/22 and 22/23.



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june 2021


Tid i Rum

Out of Balanz was selected for Tid i Rum by Udviklingsplatformen for Scenekunst and will have an artistic development residency with Hr. X at Folketeater in October 2021.  


We will be given time and support to reflect and innovate through artistic exploration. The programme is aimed at performance artistic explorations that have their starting point in collective, artistic collaborations. 


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june 2021


Before We Disappear

English Premiere of Før Vi Forsvinder/Before We Disappear under CPH Stage 2021 at AFUK Scene. 


Check CPH Stage for information and to buy tickets. 


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may 2021


Writing about Process  

Co-AD Katrina Bugaj's chapter about her work was recently published in Languages of Trauma: History, Memory and Media by University of Toronto Press.


The volume traces the distinct cultural languages in which individual and collective forms of trauma are expressed in diverse variations, including oral and written narratives, literature, comic strips, photography, theatre, and cinematic images. It is a continuation of Katrina's PaR projects and research into performance, artistic process, memory, migration and trauma.


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april 2021


Teater Får302 Next Season  

Teater Får302 has officially announced their upcoming 2021-2022 season.

Catch our newest work, Hr. X, at Får302 and CPH Stage 2022 in May/June 2022.


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march 2021


Talking about Process 

We've been developing a new, interdisciplinary music/opera performance (Hormondagbogen) with Figura.

AD K. Bugaj was interviewed about the performance (and making live performance and theatre during the pandemic) by Christian Graugaard, the editor-in-chief of Bibliotek For Læger.


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february 2021


Hormondagbogen begins

We've been working with the fabulous Figura, collaborating and co-creating a new interdisciplinary performance. This process and what we're making together is pushing our work into new, exciting territories. But, like many of our colleagues, our spring premiere has recently been canceled... we mourn, we continue, and we look forward to when this performance can meet an audience.


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january 2021


Før Vi Forsvinder nominated

We are humbled and filled with gratitude that our performance, Før Vi Forsvinder, has been nominated by CPH Culture for ÅRETS SÆRPRIS 2020.

See the full list of nominees here


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january 2021


Happy New Year 

Due to current lockdown restrictions and continued concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we are postponing our upcoming tour plans for both Før Vi Forsvinder and Next Door. The health and safety of our artists and the communities we engage with will remain our top priority.


We look forward to announcing new tour plans and upcoming premieres —and to seeing you IRL — in the not too distant future. In the meantime, we wish everyone a happy, healthy new year. 


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december 2020

Los Justos

Catch Los Justos before it disappears 

A live recording of Los Justos is available online for 24 hours (from noon Dec 17- to noon Dec 18) here.

Los Justos: our new, live online theater series experiment, streaming from 9 remote locations around the globe.

Join them. Join us. Join the experiment.


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december 2020


Audience from 36 countries tuned in

The stats are in and Los Justos had 491 unique viewers (over 1000+ audience members total, by all conservative estimates based on ticket reservations) from 36 countries over the past couple of days.

People living in Denmark, Spain, Greece, UK, US, Chile, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Switzerland, Lebanon, Cyprus, Ecuador, Finland, India, Malaysia, Turkey, Taiwan, Vietnam, France, Belgium, Sweden, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Argentina, Taiwan, Indonesia, Netherlands, Serbia tuned in…

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december 2020

Los Justos mundo N vacio.jpg

Our Experiment goes Live today

SOLD OUT performances Tuesday and Thursday, but you can still book a ticket Wednesday Dec. 9: 


or, you can reserve a ticket through one of our partner venues:





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october 2020


For Vi Førsvinder - extra show


Read the reviews and look out for us at CPH Stage 2021: