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Opening Night in Odense

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After many years of research, development, experimenting and creating - we've finally made it to the opening night of Før Vi Forsvinder at Dynamo Workspace in Odense tonight. Get your tickets here.

Odense ser rødt - Før Vi Forsvinder

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Odense ser Rødt passed by last week to check out Før Vi Forsvinder. See their tv report online here.

With Lars Mikkelsen in the studio

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Was an absolute honor and pleasure to spend some time in the studio with Rumpistol and Lars Mikkelsen recording for our upcoming piece, Før Vi Forsvinder. ​


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​Started the new season off in an R&D workshop with our colleagues and collaborators from FIGURA. Today we touched upon snatches of staccato words, spacings with pauses, and the specific intersection of music, action, image and poetry that our project embodies.  

Los Justos

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​Tusind Tak til Statens Kunstfonds udvalg ”Sammen om kunsten” for støtte til Los Justos. Thank you Statens Kunstfonds for the support for our first international, experimental streaming project Los Justos. 


Los Justos is global, live online-theatre created by artists from 9 countries and streamed simultaneously via four theaters in Europe (Spain, Denmark, UK and Greece). It’s a creative experiment that aims to explore how we make work and collaborate digitally, while keeping the live and international aspects of our practice and performances. 

Out of balance and being upside down

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Today we looked at turning the world upside down and out of balance. We always endeavor to expand what is possible in our performances by creating rigorous and unusual ensemble-devised works and by consistently asking the hardest questions, both in our art and in its relation to the world around us. At the moment we find ourselves pushing our limits as a company while working with exceptionally talented circus artists - one of which is a specialized handstand artist -  while delving into the pressing and overwhelming questions we find ourselves asking during a perilous time (a time that is being called the Sixth Extinction and one fraught with growing fears of nuclear holocaust and devastating pandemics) when things feel off-kilter.

Før Vi Forsvinder R&D Workshop

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Following the events of the spring our team has finally gotten back together for another period of research and development - bringing together our performers, designers, and consultants. The work is in a constant state of evolution as we continue to devise and test ideas and stretch and mash together the various talents and art forms in the room. Today took our idea development outside.

#statenskunstfond #kunstgørenforskel

First day back

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With distance between us, we begin again.

#statenskunstfond #kunstgørenforskel

Join us for Physical Talks Live!

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Join us as we talk to the Artistic Directors of Physical Festival in Chicago about life and theatre during a pandemic. 

New collaboration with Figura Ensemble

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During the spring of 2021 we'll be collaborating with the Figura Ensemble to premiere The Hormone Diaries at The Royal Opera House. Thank you to Statens Kunstfonds Musikdramatiske for supporting this project. 

#statenskunstfond #kunstgørenforskel

Hr. X

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Tusind Tak til Statens Kunstfonds Musikdramatiske udvalg for støtte til Hr. X. Thank you Statens Kunstfonds Musikdramatiske for the support for our project Mr. X. We're looking forward to sharing more information about this project when we're able to do so in the coming season. 

#statenskunstfond #kunstgørenforskel

Out of Balanz on Physical Talks Live!

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Join us on Instagram Live for a conversation with the Artistic Directors of Physical Theater Festival Chicago as a part of their new series, Physical Talks Live! Log on June 13th at 21:00 Danish time.


From the Festival: “We are starting Physical Talks Live! A series of talks with Theater Artists we admire from around the world. These talks come from a desire to learn and connect with theater artists living through this pandemic. We will check in and see how they are adapting, how they are keeping creative, their thoughts on digital platforms and the future of theater…"


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These are unprecedented times for our industry and our world. We will be pressing pause on a number of projects and remain positive and hopeful that we will be back in the rehearsal room with our colleagues, and performing for audiences, again soon. #Stayhome, #helpeachother

Idea Development

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Thrilled to be quietly starting initial idea development with the talented Jakob Bentsen. Jakob is back home in Denmark after spending decades touring the world and years playing on Broadway with the inimitable Mummenschanz.  .Thriat's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Aerial Theatre

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Exploring the vulnerability, trust and reliance that exists between people (in the air and in intimate relationships) as we investigate how we might fuse aerial skills with arresting and entertaining moments of physical theatre for our next original piece. 

R&D continues

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Exploring what happens when we smash the physical feats of new circus into physical theatre research and creation processes - artistically-driven, inventive, rebellious, hybridized, politically astute and challenging work happening right now. 

Nordic Dialogues Conference in Oslo

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How can we create long-term, sustainable relationships between people in our communities? Seven different cultural networks were created to explore methods to reach out to new groups, through the project «An Inclusive Cultural Sector in the Nordics». The project included people from the arts and culture sector living and working in different Nordic countries, including: museums, libraries, culture schools, arts organizations and artists (including OOB's K. Bugaj). During the conference knowledge was shared regarding what was learnt, as well as what challenges were met.

US Premiere - the Lieutenant Nun

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Last night OOB ADs performed in the US premiere of the first English translation of the Lieutenant Nun at the Boise Contemporary Theater. The piece was presented as a staged reading to a full house and featured professional actors from Denmark, England and the US. 

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

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The critically acclaimed 2 man Macbeth isheading off on a 6 week tour to Brighton & Hove, Atlanta, Athens, Laramie, South Bend and Boise - and we're heading off with it, in collaboration with UK-based Out of Chaos. 

Tigerspor Premiere (Recommended Event)

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Eventyrlig forestilling om Alba, der leder efter sin mor, som er gået bort...


Far vil gerne glemme, hvad der er sket. Alba vil gerne mindes. Så da far en dag vælger at smide alt mors tøj ud, flygter Alba ind i en drøm. Far må sætte efter – men kan de finde hinanden og håbet?


Oplev en eventyrlig blanding af skuespil, dukker, sange og teatermagi. Tigerspor indeholder et billed- og ordforråd, der lægger op til efterfølgende refleksioner omkring sorg. Forestillingen er skabt i samarbejde med organisationen Børn, Unge & Sorg i en samproduktion mellem Teater Vestvolden og Vild Kammerat. For børn fra 6 til 9 år og deres voksne.

n mellem Teater Vestvolden og Vild Kammerat. For børn fra 6 til 9 år og deres voksne.

Iceland Workshop

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OOB's K. Bugaj has been engaged in a collaborative project and network of multicultural and immigrant artists living in the Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Greenland. This network has been engaging with challenges of visibility, inclusivity, and diversity in the cultural life of the Nordic Region. The knowledge and recommendations made by the group following this workshop will be presented at the Nordic Dialogues conference in Oslo in December 2019.

Cirkus Sokke (Recommended Event)

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Premiere tomorrow for Cirkus Sokke, opening the Cirkusvognen Festival this summer! Directed and devised/co-written by OOB's K. Bugaj.

Find the program and information here

Final Edits

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OOB's K. Bugaj has been writing, rewriting and making final edits on an essay about one of her performances that has been selected to be a chapter in an academic volume of writings exploring trauma from a diversity of approaches and perspectives that is currently under review by University of Toronto Press. 

Next Door International Tour 2019

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That's a wrap! Ivan and Pekka are home again after an international tour playing to enthusiastic crowds at Physical Fest and Tobacco Factory Theatres. Thanks to everyone for such a warm welcome and all the kind words. 

"A series of marvellously comic and meandering vignettes are woven together in typically unorthodox ways by Out of Balanz to create theatre which is a sheer joy." (Stagetalk Magazine, UK) 

Find full reviews from the shows here and here.

This international tour was supported by the Danish Arts Foundation/Statens Kunstfonds Projektstøtteudvalg for Scenekunst. #statenskunstfond #kunstgørenforskel

Into the Water (Recommended Event)

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OOB's T.H. Findsen has been out consulting on this ambitious circus project. Into the Water is a circus performance inspired by the theme of water and cycles that aims to raise ecological awareness. The performance sails from port to port inspiring people across national borders. Don't miss it tonight in Copenhagen or on tour this summer.

Copenhagen Workshop

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OOB's K. Bugaj just finished her first session with the artistic network and research/experts group “Nordiske Kunstnere med flerkulturel baggrund” in Copenhagen. She was recruited and invited into the network to share her artistic knowledge and experience as a part of a wider research and development project exploring how to make cultural life in the Nordic region more diverse and inclusive. The project is supported by the Norwegian Culture Council (Norsk Kulturråd) and the Icelandic Ministry of Culture (Det Islandske Kulturministerium), as well as The Council of Danish Artists (Dansk Kunsternråd). The network will reconvene in September in Iceland and present their recommendations at a conference in December.
“Nordiske Kunstnere med flerkulturel baggrund”.

A Dream

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Back in the room with UK based Out of Chaos as our R&D of Midsummer Night's Dream continues... 

KoDe8071 - South Korean Premiere of OOB Collaboration

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In 2018 Out of Balanz hosted South Korean artists from Sansuyu theatre company and NONI. We also traveled to Uijeongbu. During the course of these artistic and cultural exchanges we worked to develop the idea and concept, as well as performance material, for a new music theatre work that will premiere at The Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival in May 2019. Since 2002, the festival has been introducing a range of new works from preeminent artists (including Hotel Pro Forma, Geoff Sobelle and Song of the Goat) and experimental works of emerging performing group. 

Tickets and Info here.

Extinction Project funded

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Tak til Statens Kunstfonds Projektstøtteudvalg for Scenekunst. Hvor er vi glade for at have fået støtte til FØR VI FORSVINDER. Vi glæder os vildt meget til at komme igang! 


Thanks to the Danish Art Foundation for the performing Arts. We’re thrilled that FØR VI FORSVINDER (BEFORE WE DISAPPEAR) has received generous project support and look forward to getting started.

 #statenskunstfond #kunstgørenforskel

Extended Practice Takeover

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OOB’s co-artistic director K. Bugaj has been invited to collaborate with Extended Practice and curate their Instagram TAKEOVER this week. Extended Practice (EP) is a US-based artist-led collaborative project by Sara Holwerda and Angela Lopez created to support and make visible the work and needs of artist mothers. Find Katrina's reflections on her work and being a mother/artist on EP’s Instagram.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of All Ages...

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“I think it’s really pure art form, in the sense that you can really feel the risks -- there’s a lot of risks, so you can get a lot of adrenaline while you watch it if there is kind of tricks that make your heart bounce. Because it’s real. They can see that if they make a mistake, they might get hurt. So, I guess that’s always been why circus is appealing. It reminds us that, uh, we’re humans.”


“Puppetry has been part of (our Western) cultural landscape for over 600 years and still uses many of its original techniques (the 14th century manuscript ‘Romance of Alexander’ contains illustrations of booth puppet shows à la Punch and Judy) but we’re still not bored by it. In fact, whether it’s Anthony Minghella’s sumptuous Madam Butterfly, or the multiple Tony award-winning stage adaptation of War Horse, we seem to love it now more than ever. Why so?”

We've been working with some talented artists to research what happens at the intersection of circus and puppetry. Some unexpected possibilities and areas of for further exploration have been presenting themselves and we're looking forward to seeing where it all takes us.

A Tale of Two Immigrant Performances

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An exciting essay is in the works, featuring Katrina's auto-fictional performance project Some Things Are Difficult to Say. More details coming soon...

Support for International Activities

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We are happy to announce that thanks to the support of The Danish Arts Council, we'll be touring internationally next year with our award-winning show Next Door. More details in the coming year. Tusind tak til Statens Kunstfonds.  #statenskunstfond #kunstgørenforskel.

ÅBENHUS Today and Tomorrow (Recommended Event)

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Don't miss Åbenhus, today and tomorrow!


Info: kl.16.30-22 oplev kulturpiloterne, artisterne, skaterne, grafisk, visuel, PR, ide og design, KUU film, S.E.T., RUM, Perform og Madværkstedet ! Forestillinger, installationer, live performance, mad, film, arbejdsdemonstrationer, butikker, redesign, skate, silent disco og meget mere ! Vær velkomme - husk en varm ven - frivillig entre

ÅBENHUS: AFUK Akademiet For Utæmmet Kreativitet (Recommended Event)

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OOB's TH Findsen has been working with another talented group of young artists at AFUK. Check out their midterm performances at Åbenhus Wednesday and Thursday.

Pat, pat; and here is a marvellous convenient place for our rehearsal...

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We’re collaborating with artists from the award-winning, UK based Out of Chaos to experiment and develop new ideas for an adaptation/reworking of A Midsummer Nights Dream. We’re inspired by Shakespeare himself — his daring and innovation with both the form and content of his work — and have already begun exploring some exciting ideas. More on this as things develop. 

A Director Prepares... and Reflects

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Approximately one year ago, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists advanced the Doomsday Clock closer to midnight amid what they described as the 'harrowing' reality of climate change and nuclear tensions. This is the closest the clock has been to midnight since 1953 at the height of the Cold War. We've just wrapped another session of R&D where we've been investigating these two potential paths to the end of humanity... just in time for this year's Doomsday Clock forecast. The work has been invigorating, intense, exciting and challenging, and we look forward to continuing on this path of creation, in the face of what, at times, feels like impending annihilation.  

R&D goes on: Extinction continued

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We're slowly moving away from that point in the devising process where anything is still possible and have begun to make exciting choices. Characters are beginning to emerge and we've started asking them, just as we've been asking ourselves: how far are you willing to go to create change and how do you shoulder that responsibility?

idea development

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OOB's K. Bugaj has been in for a protreptisk samtale for new work being developed by our colleagues Kristian Husted and Christian Rossil. We're looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

Workshop at The Uijeongbu Arts Center

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We spent the day with a lovely group of professional theatre artists and theatre students, running a workshop exploring the art of laughter. ​

Korean Exchange continues

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Investigating with string, and music, as we search for a playful and evocative way to engage audiences with our questions around the refugee crisis and the theme of ownership.

Live from South Korea

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The research and sharing with our South Korean colleagues continues. 

R&D Continues: character sketches

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Further research and development at Teaterøen.

R&D Continues: water

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Further research with circus artists: this time, diving into the underwater world. 

R&D Continues: The Frogs

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Inspiring week of exploration with an ensemble of talented circus artists. We've been researching, among other things, amphibians and looking at how the history of life has been marked by discontinuities. 

Extinction R&D

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We've been quietly researching and developing material and methodologies for a new project that engages with the theme of extinction. Today we spent some time walking, crawling, climbing and flipping off of the wall with Esther from Sparrow Dance. 

Development Residency with Korean collaborators

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​Out of Balanz, with support from Teaterøen, has been hosting artists from Sansuyu in South Korea for a week of artistic and cultural exchange, research and development. Our two companies have embarked on an artistic exchange to explore a potential for a future collaboration and to share methodology. 

Mask workshop with Sansuyu and Danish artists

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​We had an inspiring workshop with Sansuyu at Teaterøen. Thank you to everyone who participated! 

Bongsan Mask Dance Workshop

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Out of Balanz and Teaterøen are hosting a Bongsan Mask Dance Workshop.

Bongsan Mask Dance is one of South Korea’s traditional dances and is considered a cultural asset to the nation. The dance features masks, gestures, movements and vocals rendered in rhythm. During the workshop, participants will explore the rich tradition of Bongsan music and movement with visiting professional stage artists from Sansuyu Theatre Company in South Korea. The workshop is free and is open to professional stage artists. It will be translated and conducted in English.


Date and Time: Wednesday, Sept. 26th kl 11-13

Place Teaterøen 


There are limited places available. 

Email with your name and CV in order to reserve a place in the workshop

Fiaskomonologerne - the movie (Recommended Event)

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OOB's TH Findsen has an opening for a video work he shot last spring. Don't miss, Fiaskomonologerne - the movie, which premieres this upcoming week at Bådteatret!ience's attention...

Julia and 500 Years of Freedom (Recommended Event)

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OOB's K. Bugaj started working with D. Norback to develop this performance two years ago - and today it has it's premiere at Warehouse 9.  Join us for a moving, funny, thought provoking evening of performance that blends a vibrant sound universe with movement, stand-up, a bit of participation and authentic stories from an immigrant from Mozambique.  

Indfødsretsprøven Tour (Recommended Event)

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Direction and some text by OOB's K. Bugaj!



27. – 30. aug: Allerød
31. aug: Nyborg


4. apr: Rudkøbing
5. – 6. apr: Haderslev
8. – 11. apr: Aarhus, Teater Katapult
12. apr: Ishøj

24. apr: Esbjerg
27. apr: Hvidovre

Festivitas 2018 (Recommended Event)

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OOB's K. Bugaj and TH Findsen have been working with AFUK's KP line for Festivitas 2018. Don't miss the work of these passionate, talented students - as well as all of the rest of the students at AFUK (which includes: nycircus, visual and performance design, the art of making food, performance, skating, photography and much more)  June 21st and 22nd! 

Info: AFUK FESTIVITAS er vores årligt tilbagevendende festival - 2 dage fulde af galskab, inspiration og begejstring ! Alle skolens værksteder byder på det bedste af dem selv - gæsteoptrædener ved tidligere elever og professionelle artister/performere/kunstnere. Design - Film - NyCirkus - Mad og Gastronomi- Teater - Visuelkommunikation - REdesign - Performance - Foto - Skate - Udstillinger - Forestillinger - Installationer - Lys og Lyddesign - Vi glæder os til at åbne dørene og til at byde dig indenfor ! Husk din kæreste - mor - onkel - barn - eller en varm ven - Vær velkommen   

Some Things Are Difficult to Say at CPH Stage

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Some Things Are Difficult to Say is a personal documentary performance about being at a loss for words. It is also an intergenerational tale of being from somewhere else… The performance is continuously under development. Expect homemade music, spontaneous dancing, real-life stories and unspoken truths.


Created and Performed by OOB's K Bugaj and TH Findsen. Co-produced by Teaterøen. A part of Theater Tapas -CPH Special Edition.

Planck at CPH Stage (Recommended Event)

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PLANCK is a big show in a tiny circus tent. Co-Devised and Directed by OOB's TH Findsen

Two quirky artists and a musician will guide you through a kaleidoscopic journey to another dimension.
In a ”Twin Peaksesque” mix of rock 'n' roll, black humor and death-defying stunts objects come alive, confused magicians appear out of nowhere, an unlikely diva sings her heart out and people fly through the air.

In the absurd microcosmos of PLANCK, you will be so close to the artists that you only need to reach out to touch them.


May 31-June 2

book tickets here

EXIT 2018 at AMOC (Recommended Event)

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OOB's TH Findsen has been working with some of these talented young new circus artists - don't miss out on their performances May 25-29th! Buy tickets here. !

Extinction has recieved R&D Support!

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Tak til Statens Kunstfonds Projektstøtteudvalg for Scenekunst. Vi er super glade for at have fået støtte til udviklingsprojektet Extinction. Vi glæder os til at komme igang!

 #statenskunstfond #kunstgørenforskel

R&D at Teaterøen

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​OOB is currently in residence at Teaterøen in Copenhagen, where we've been the past couple of weeks exploring new material and writing songs. 

This is For Her (Recommended Event)

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THIS IS FOR HER by Sofie Volquartz Lebech examines the effect of torture on a personal and societal level. Experience the performance at Warehouse9 during Selected Works: Det Frie Felts Festival 2018 in January. Developed and performed by Sofie and OOB's K Bugaj. 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ -

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Ungt Teaterblod

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Magasinet KBH

Read more about the performance and book your tickets here:…/20-21-jan-this-is-for-her/


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OOB's TH Findsen has wrapped the first phase of development on a new project he's working on with Dynamo in Odense. Project premieres this spring. More info to come. 

Lecture Performance at The Memory Studies Conference - Copenhagen University

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This Saturday OOB's K Bugaj presents: “A Tale Told By An Immigrant: Trauma, Memory and Scripting the Self for the Stage”


The subject of Katrina's presentation derives from her research of the personal narratives of immigrants and theatrical performances that take such accounts as their primary source. In contexts where immigrants are often made invisible, reduced or generalized, presenting the autobiographical and the specific on the public stage becomes a political act of speaking otherwise. Juxtaposing narrative with fragment, the body/visual with speech, fact with fiction, and the past with the present, each performance considered in this presentation embodies and performs knowledge about contemporary identities made in movement and constructed out of multiple locations, temporalities and traumatic events.

UPROAR (Recommended Event)

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UPROAR en DADA Revolution på Warehouse 9 23. sept - 14 okt. Ensemble includes OOB's TH Findsen. Don't miss it.


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Fiskefugl - Fragment 1 

"A fish could love a bird, but where would they live?"


Fiskefugl - Fragment 1 handler om identitet, tilhørsforhold og kærlighed. Det er et møde med en immigrant, der er i gang med at bygge sit liv i Danmark.

Af Katrina Bugaj og Out of Balanz med Amy Diminga Diatta på teaterøen Teater Tapas.

Sæsonåbning på Teaterøen (Recommended Event)

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Sæsonåbning – sensommerens store fest! Refshaleøens lækreste grønne plet vil være omdannet til markedsplads – for teaterfans, ZIRKUS-tilhængere – og sommerklædte festmennesker! Og OOB's TH Findsen optræder også!

Festivitas 2017 (Recommended Event)

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Tillykke til Danmarks første nycirkusartister! 


And don't Miss AFUKs årlige FESTIVITAS - forestillinger - udstilliger - nycirkus & artisteri - performance - design - film - billedkunst - mad og meget mere - Sæt X i kalendren

CPH Stage 2017 (Recommended Events)

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CPH Stage runs May 31 – June 11 this year.

Tickets and info here.g

5 stars for Indfødsretsprøven

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"Med eventyr og boller, fællessang og zirkus undersøger Mungo Park Kolding, hvordan man er dansk i hjertet. Det er helt forrygende." - 

Read the entire 5/6 star review here.

Additional reviews:

Politiken (4 hearts)

Den 4 Væg (4 stars)

More shows added for Indfødsretsprøven

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Indfødsretsprøven previews tonight! Tickets have been selling fast, with many shows sold out, so get your tickets soon to avoid disappointment. 

Info about the show:

Danskheden er til diskussion som aldrig før, men hvad er det egentligt der definerer det særligt danske? Er det hygge, tolerance, frisind, stegt flæsk og persillesovs eller noget helt femte der gør den danske kultur til noget helt specielt? Er det overhovedet muligt at blive enig om hvad danskhed er for en størrelse?

For at opnå dansk statsborgerskab skal man svare korrekt på 32 ud af de 40 spørgsmål der udgør indfødsretsprøven. 40 spørgsmål som baserer sig på et læremateriale, der har kogt danskheden ned til et 140 siders langt pensum. Men er man dansk bare fordi man kan hele pensum? Og hvad hvis man ikke kan svare rigtig på spørgsmålene, selvom man allerede er dansk statsborger?

INDFØDSRETSPRØVEN er en kabaret over 1300 års udvikling fra vikingetid til velfærdssamfund, fra Kalmarunion til EU, fra Tycho Brahe til Poul Thomsen og alt derimellem.

Forestillingen er skabt med en minimal scenografi og lyssætning, så den kan spille de fleste stedet i kongeriget.

Sold out performances and lovely reviews for Posthumous Works in Bristol

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Lovely reviews for Ivan Hansen and Posthumous Works in the UK! 


"This is an uninhibited and joyful expression of the wonder of life and all that it can bring, often with a folksy Danish expression that perfectly captures the essence of human existence in all its simplicity and futility." Read the full 4/5 star review here.

"The whole show was like a warm pair of well-worn slippers, comfortable and familiar, and we all left feeling genuinely like Hansen appreciated the time he spent with us as much as we did with him." Read the full review here.

Posthumous Works in Bristol

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Our award-winning solo show, Posthumous Works, is opening in Bristol at the Tobacco Factory Theatres tonight! Tickets available here:


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Development and rehearsals are well under way for Indfødsretsprøven - a new cabaret exploring the citizenship test in Denmark - directed, devised and with texts by OOB's AD Katrina - at Mungo Park Kolding. The show was launched today and tickets are now open!


Title and more info to be announced soon...

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Just wanted to let you all know that Katrina has begun working on a new project at Mungo Park Kolding. It will be premiering in April. We can't say much more now, but check here for more news on that...

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year! We've had a busy autumn--keeping a low profile, researching new projects and planning exciting touring and collaborations. First up, Posthumous Works is back on tour and heading to Bristol this spring in collaboration with Tobacco Factory Theatres and The Wardrobe Theatre. Join Ivan Hansen as he takes the UK on a comic, compelling and life-affirming ride, peddling through childhood memories and the complexities of saying goodbye. 

Festivitas 2016 (Recommended Event)

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Troels has been working with the KP performance/theatre line and AMOC year 2 circus performers on their performances for AFUK Festivitas 2016. Festivitas features 2 full days (June 16th and 17th) of NyCirkus, Performance, Food, Art Installations, Skateboarding, Re-Design, Film and much more. More information here.

CPH Stage & Det Frie Felts Festival (Recommended Events)

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CPH STAGE is an open theatre festival in Copenhagen that focuses on the performing arts in Denmark: where the performing arts are at and where they are heading. Between June 1-12th audiences can experience a variety of performances presented throughout the city. Det Frie Felts Festival is a festival-within-the-festival that highlights work from the independant performing arts scene. Information available here.

R&D at Forsøgsstation

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We're currently exploring personal stories, as well as cultural stories through public storytelling (fact and fiction), linked to Poland and World War II. This work has involved a consideration of the multi-directional past-present relationship of events and the words of Bruno Schultz: "Ordinary facts are arranged  within time strung along it’s length as on a thread. Yet, what is to be done with events that have no place of their own in time - that have been left hanging in the air, homeless and errant."

Closing Act Stockholm

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Troels is on a capacity develoment trip in Stockholm where he will visit DOCH and see Closing Acts. The performances will offer a wide range of circus expression and a variety of circus disciplines - teeterboard, juggling, vertical rope, trapeze, tight wire, Chinese pole - presented with live musical accompaniment. During the trip, Troels, along with other circus and performance professionals and educators, will also have the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences, discuss the development of new ways of working with new circus and theatre and performance languages/strategies, and engage in critical discourse. This is an exciting opportunity and one that will no doubt contribute to the development of our own modes of creating theatre and performance within the company.

The lines of intergenerational identity

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“It was. It will never be again. Remember.”


Research and development of She But Not Herself continues. Our work has been focused on the idea of exploiting new procedures of research in relation to identity, memory, and embodiment while questioning and exploring methods of transmission of artistic knowledge within a lecture-performance format. In our exploration into the complexity of identity, memory, and the invisible stories that bodies carry, we’ve been gathering inspiration and investigating traces of presence and references to memory and perception with a desire to understand the moment through the past. Looking forward to sharing this developing work June 4th as a part of the Copenhagen Stage Festival.

Det Store Sceneskift (Recommended Event)

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"Samfundet og kunsten er i krise – kan en tom scene gøre en forskel?"


Troels is currently working with LiminalDK and NORPOL on their new performance, Det Store Sceneskift. Much like the ningyōtsukai in bunraku, he has taken on the role of the invisible object manipulator and can be seen (after the performances) at the premiere today and for the rest of the week at Dansehallerne in Copenhagen. You can also catch the performance, and Troels, next week at Teater Momentum in Odense.


PANDORA on BBC Radio 4

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 Pandora - a new radio play by Caroline Horton and featuring Troels - is on BBC Radio 4, 2.15pm Thursday 14th April.

A Tale Told By An Immigrant

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After extensive research and writing, Katrina has delivered her Master's thesis exploring a selection of three contemporary, autofictional performances devised and performed by transnational immigrant theatre artists from Mexico, Israel, and India. Available soon at the Copenhagen University library.

Fly Trap

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Troels is currently consulting on a new production called Fly Trap by Esther Wrobel and Sparrow Dance. The performance blends multi-media technology with acrobatics, dance and storytelling. You can catch it at Teaterøen in Copenhagen on April 6-9th and again at Aprilfestival on select days between April 10-17th.  Check out their trailer here 

She But Not Herself at CPH Stage 2016

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A one-hour SCRATCH version of She But Not Herself will be presented as a part of the CPH Stage Festival 2016 on June 4th, 2016 at Forsøgsstationen. In She But Not Herself a Polish-Italian American immigrant and her Danish husband invite the audience to consider what it means to be "home". Based on autobiographical material, the work explores the intimate and curious experience of belonging and being left out. She But Not Herself blends the entertaining and the personal - the poetic and the political. The work is performed in Danish, English and Danglish. Additional details to be announced.


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On Thurday Feb. 25th there's an open showing of Jesper La Cour's "Story Play"  forsøg from 16:00-18:00 in Wittmarck at Forsøgsstationen - a fantastic resource for research, development and exchange within the Danish performing arts community. This week they offer yet another opportunity to be a part of the creative process and to get a glimpse into the current artistic research of an artist working in their space. Forsøgsstationen has also launched a political, cultural blog that provides another space for the exchange of artistic ideas and methodology.

Deep:Black's birdcards in the Jungle

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Out of Balanz spent an inspiring week with Katharine Yates of Deep:Black - an organization that specializes in working with the arts to explore challenges, create dialogue, develop communication and build community across diversity and difference. Katharine, who has also collaborated with Out of Balanz in the past, and her partners have been working on a project with Good Chance Theatre in Calais to share their birdcards and run workshops with refugees living in the Jungle. Our exchange has sparked new ideas and possibilities for She But Not Herself - which draws on a lineage of immigration that includes World War II refugees who spent 10 years in a DP camp in Germany after the war. 

5 Star Two Man Macbeth

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The 5 STAR Macbeth that Troels co-created has been hailed "a visual feast" and is playing at the St. James Theatre to a Sold Out house in London today. If you're in the UK and don't have a ticket for the show tonight (or are somewhere else on the island), the show is touring the UK for the next few weeks. Many of the dates are selling out, however, so book soon to avoid disappointment. Here's a short trailer. 

The Immigrant I and Autofictional Performance

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Katrina's research for her graduate work at Copenhagen University (on autobiographical immigrant performances, the intersection of fact and fiction, and memory) keeps going back to this question today: how does theatre of the real stage memories and history to create new aesthetic versions of human experience? This question has also made it's way into the notes for her newest work under development, She But Not Herself

Open Lecture with Matt Adams of Blast Theory & Lille Fredag (Event Recommendations)

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Feb. 14th Rialto Teater is hosting an open lecture with UK artist Matt Adams from Blast Theory. In this lecture Adams will introduce Blast Theory’s work - ranging across games, location based experiences and storytelling on multiple platforms. He'll also introduce a range of techniques for designing interactive experiences that draws on work with the BBC, Sony, Nokia and British Telecom. And on Feb 18th Rialto will host another Lille Fredag - a new platform for artists and audiences alike to join the experiment and try out ideas and forms. 

I Love You You Love Me

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Last summer Katrina worked with Sofie Lebech on her new work I Love You You Love Me. Katrina performed alongside Sofie in a staged reading of the piece (in addition to also working with Sofie as a dramaturg on the developing script) at DET FRIE FELTS FESTIVAL under The CPH Stage Festival 2015. We're happy to announce that Sofie has received funding to further develop the piece. We can't say much more now, but we're excited to see how this piece develops and will be back in 2017 with more updates. g? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Open workshop with Marc Gassot

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Marc Gassot is an artistic associate of Out of Balanz and is currently with us in Utah where we're performing Next Door. Today he'll be taking over for Troels, who has been giving workshops to the Off The Map fesitval and universtiy community on clowning and le jeu this week. Today's workshop is committed to keeping it simple. Bring yourself, your naivete and your unique way of experiencing the world. In improvisations, the group will also be looking at how the body communicates in the space alongside and between the words, through movement, gesture and mime.


Next Door in the US

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Last stop of our Next Door Autumn 2015-Winter 2015/2016 Tour - Utah, USA as a part of the Off The Map Festival. This week we'll be performing, teaching workshops and participating in a panel on devised and physical theatre and performance. And taking in a bit of our surroundings.

Two Man Macbeth

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Troels is back in research and development for the upcoming two man Macbeth he's creating with UK based Out of Chaos. Here's a glimpse into their process.

AMOC/AFUK Åbent Hus 2015

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AMOC/AFUK Åbenhus (Event Recommendation)

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Troels is in full swing again with his students at The Academy of Modern Circus (AMOC) and it's sister school, The Academy of Untamed Creativity (AFUK). Åbenhus (their openhouse with mid-term performances) is just around the corner. So here's a short video of some snippets of work Troels directed and devised with the AMOC year one students around this time last year to help warm us up for Åbenhus 2015 on December 14th & 15th. For more information visit:

Kirkebydage på TEATERØEN (Recommended Event)

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Last June, Katrina presented a scratch performance of a new work-in-progress inspired by Ole Fogh Kirkeby as a part of her professional degree Auteur education. Katrina developed the work as a PAR project at Den Danske Scenekunstskole Odsherred, under the direction of Vibeke Wrede. On Nov. 27th (tomorrow) and 28th Teaterøen is hosting a seminar with Ole Fogh Kirkeby that investigates his theories and their usage in the creative field. The seminar includes presentations of some of the works developed last June at Odsherred. For More information visit:

Recording a BBC Afternoon Drama

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Troels is at BBC Radio 4 recording a new play by Caroline Horton (shortlisted for the Imison Award, Best New Audio Drama, BBC Audio Drama Awards 2015) for The Afternoon Drama. The air date will be announced in 2016. More on that in the new year.

Next Door On the Road in Denmark

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After performing Next Door in over 10 countries abroad, it's amazing to return to Denmark. Enjoyed performing at Holbæk Teater, Teater Katapult and Trommen. Tonight we performed for the amazing audiences at Teater Momentum - where Troels spent much of last year as a part of Teater Momentum's Ensemble Vol. 8. One more performance in Odense tomorrow and then we head to Teater V for 6 performances and lastly (for now) a final show at Taastrup Teater. 

Inspiration at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center

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Out of Balanz spent an inspiring afternoon taking in art installations, performances, workshops, tours and participating in an array of activities at Robert Wilson's research and development space, The Watermill Center. The day featured site-specific installations and performances interspersed amongst outdoor sculptures and artifacts,  providing a unique opportunity to meet artists from over 30 countries. 

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